C l e a r  O b s e r v a t i o n s, by Paul Olivier
They are Just temporary blurps; the important observations are in the articles, right side above.
What do they call them?
Time didn't stand still while I have been of line and many important events have taken place. Reelection of the transform America pres. And things are heating up momentarily even more. Egypt's new pharao, Libya's Benghazi debacle and Seria's uncivil war are showing that the concept of Civil Society has not penetrated in those regions.
However more locally Occupy whatever and New Black Panter are no examples of civil society either. But what do you expect from a secular Gov. school system. The Republic was intended for a moral people. God help us now the majority has lost that status!
One Fact: Government are people too; just like companies are people. And the only two remedies, when Government peoples are not acting in the interest of "We the People", the only remedies are elections and the legal system. You have seen how that worked out for us. Both cost large amounts of money. The government people use tax-money, your money. And that has to stop. But how?

The following brief I had on ice.
Sociology, politics uses with mischievous intentions the term demographics to indicate, divide and categorise people. There is a number of individuals to be categorized as psycho, logic or not so much. Those people have particular individual perception of reality; all perception of reality is a priori individual. But let not count those psychos out just yet. They may be on to something!

These individuals, I mean to indicate here, are mixing their individual perception of reality with phantasy fed by whatever choice of facts and fiction there is available in books and media at this or any time. In this way they are not different from anyone else.
What set them a little apart is that they believe in extraterrestrial mutational influences of the human race. What set them further apart is that they see these mutations in the external appearance of other people.
Wether these individuals have psychic ability or not is hard to prove or disprove.
Thus far my consideration of these people was mostly dismissive as nutty, because of the UFO connection. However after putting two and two together, I get it now and give them the credit they deserve.
Here is why:
Saul Allinsky dedicated "Rules for Radicals" to Lucifer. Jesus called Lucifer "the old snake, the deceiver".
It now start to make sense: You want to know what those people with these particular individual perception call these perceived mutants? They call them REPTILIANS!
Now you understand! They see the snake in some (many ?) people.
In my view, it is a most fitting name for Marxists, communists, socialist, liberals, atheists, progressives and the like.
And this name does not exclude any other offspring of Satan. And if you can't see the snake yourself in the face of the local, state or federal reps of "We, the People", use the aforementioned names to indentify and disqualify them for any official positions.

With your vote you can send them home.

The Veil of Wealth Envy.
Youth is by nature idealistic. It is also handicapped by minimal wisdom. In this age government education does'nt give youth chances to develop common sense.
Their indoctrination with secular Marxist theory from those schools has clouded their mind with the veil of wealth envy that does not allow a clear view of reality.
The historical process, called culture, that over hundreds of years produced among other, institutions we call banks, is for the youth of -occupy whatever- a dirty word.
If they had fully developed common sense it would let them understand that the banks have money because account holders put it there rather than under their mattress and additional making use of the offered services and bennefits.
It would also let them understand that all those small account holders make it possible for banks to loan larger amounts for the purpose of establishing or expanding businesses who can gainfully employ or make it possible for individuals and families to buy a house or a car or maybe farm equipment or a (worthless?) college education.
Common sense would also let them understand that their has to be some reasonable expectation that those loans will be paid back to the loaners.
And that there is risk involved in loaning. That therefor most loans require collateral. The car or the house someone buys can be repossessed if the agreed payments are not forthcoming. And as we recently learned, the decrease in home value is also a decrease of the collateral value and thus increases the chance of a loss, if the debter walks away from the property.
It all worked reasonably well befor the government meddling disrupted the common sense process with the goal to get in favor of particular constituencies.
After ninety, and more, years of progressive regressive scheming to change a free civil society and bring free citizen into servdom of controling central government, we have again a load of dumbass youth, as if history didn't tought us that there is no better societal system than the free enterprise one, guarantied by the US Constitution, Live Liberty and the Pursuit of Private Property.
Remember that the word Property was replaced by Happiness, only as a compromise to not legitimise slavery.
Also remember its a thief that takes someone else property. Marx, Lenin. Stalin, Mao, Castro and some smaller demons tried -the property is theft- doctrine, wich is not even working for little children. It leads to a lot of crying and on global level to over hundred million of deaths. Even the Chinese are now back at understanding the incentive of private property.
The Orator-from-Teleprompter-in Chief, Big Brother Barry, is not content with the harm he did thusfar to the World economy. He wants more of other peoples property to dispense to his associates.
The veil of wealth envy that clouds the mind of the -occupy whatever click- is not unwelcome to him. After all, he would not have been elected without the votes of the useful idiots.
The destructive regime wants to continue its power; it has designs in place; the flash-mobs where a test-run; the summer of 2012 will be hot; the Wallstreet occupations are a training for anti free enterprise conformity. The ignorant are happely indoctrinated by demagogues with intentions, carrying us to harmfull outcome.
Will we be able to avoid a Blood Red October? (We did,)
On The Equality Myth.
The judgement of the Fed. Judge Vinson that the Health care law, popular called "Obama Care" is unconstitutional, may have brought the US Constitution in focus for a wider circle of citizen. The unfortunate situation exist, that a large voting constituency, which is without a clue how unique in whole of human history, the Country and its founding Documents are. Those ignorant people live in the notion that the nation is one "Democracy" among others. They need to read "The 5000 Year Leap". by W.Cleon Skousen
The US Constitution is inseparable from the Declaration of Independence and The Bill of Rights. It contains that very much mentioned and much misunderstood "that all men are created equal". I assume that there is much written about (and I didn't read), but if approached with common sense, (I did read the booklet of that title), it means that everyone is created as the product of intercourse.
And there the equality ends. This is what equal under the law is derived from. Even the petri-dish conception needs the female body to allow gestation to birth. Thus you are equal born from a mother body. That is how Nature transfers life, or if you understand, that is God's Nature or the Nature of God.
After birth, and some level of maturity, the possibilities are open to the individual to pursue what the "live and liberty condition" has to offer for pursuing happiness (property in any form, such as spiritual, mental as well as physical). But immediatly after birth the differences become manifest: primary male and female. Other inequalities appear, but primary is male and female.
A very wise man told us that not all people are equal and that there are three kinds of people. First there are people who are good for the World. Second there are people who don't make a difference. And third there are people (who are so bad) it would be better if they would not have been born.
You understand how unequal after birth the outcome can be. Thus secondary three ways good, bad, indifferent (or both side of the borderline).
Life and freedom invite to foolishness. Picking and choosing from what is around someone is a risky proposition, especially to the immature and those expected to be mature.
There are the wrong roll-models and the false teachers, the know-all philosophers sociologists psychologists, the Profs & Drs. of such and so and scientists with an agenda, the artists poet musicians of absent morals. And than the self-serving politicians. All together quacks! Deceivers and or fools. Thus there are the wise and the grades of unwise, and the strong and less strong, mentally and physically. Silly to go on. Only one more: everyone can have an opinion: equal true or important? Not even in your dreams.
Back to Equally Born from Mothers. The founders of the US of A where living among common sense people. But during the last 150 years of Marxist-socialist mind-bending, by Lucifer's underlings minions, (previous mentioned!) many have lost awareness of such simple truth.