Arn't we all fooled?
How Satab deceived Mohammed and became the god of Islam.
Obama is Satan's fool

Stolen Women
Why Let a abducted woman drive a car?
A Culture based on Stolen-Women

Time Travel?
What's Possible and What's Not.:
Time Travel: What's needed?

Watch for your Leaders
History has taught us:
An Un-Holy Combo: Science-Government

How good intentions got us in a big mess.:
The Trampefication of Womenhood.

What Caused Women to vote for Obama:
Enigma of women vote for BHO

Boobs over Balls
Unatached women 7 out of 10 voted for ilusions.:
The Progressive Degenerative Movement

Remember 9-11-2001.
Let's not forget: It's not over!
The Battle has barely begun!

Women and politics.
Changing the Foundation harmed the Nation
The 19th Amendment

The Greater Danger
Afraid that the Internnet will corupt your children?
Government Schools

Young Whores
What Liberalism and Public Education produced:
A Generation of young whores

Two Revolutions
The Chinese Cultural and the American Sexual Revolution. One Purpose, One Source
How did we get here.
The Law of Inevitability

Looking for Life
Why they are looking for life out in the Univers:
The Uniqueness of Life

Special Women
What easely could change the political ballance:
Women on Talk-Radio

Not just Genetics
If you are the":Omega"
what was the"Alpha;"?
What makes us Human?

You know my name!
If we don't understand the real enemy behind Islam, we will not be able to deal with its superficial apearance:
Mohammed's Invention

How do they see us?
What we are and what we are not, but maybe should.
Is there a better choice than to be right and good?

Pakistan in paril
What a majority of Muslims could do to a Democracy Musharraf, Pakistan's Patriot