Pakistan in Peril

"Pakistan's Patriot."

This article was written before Benazir Bhutto bit the dust.

Who compares democratic in Western nations with democratic in Pakistan has to get off ones Ritalin. The World is not a homogeneous soccer-mom environment. Any one has to remember that there are large populations, who consider Bin-Laden their hero. We need to understands the struggle Musharraf has been involved in to keep some control over his nations and its nuclear weapons Would'nt the Islamic Fanatics love to get their hands on them.
Please remembers the speech Musharraf gave in 2003, explaining his plans to modernise his country, through among other positive initiatives, improving education, making it real education.
Anyone with some sense should have strong objection to taking support away from this Pakistani patriot Pervez Musharaf.

The notion that his actions are undemocratic must be answered with the question: what is so great of democratic in a nation with a majority of, easily enraged, Muslims? Even in the US we have moderate use of democratic method of government. It is structured by a unique Constitution that makes it possible for a minority not to have to live under the oppression of a majority. To many Americans don't want to understand that the US is a Federal Republic.
Pakistan is also a federal republic. But is also a Muslim republic. The majority party is the Muslim Party. Musharraf is member of that Party. However under his presidency Pakistan has improved relations with secular Hindu Democracy neighbor India.
Situations developed after Musharraf agreed the leftist agitator Benazir Bhutto to return from exile. Musharraf's good intentions resulted in extremist Islamists reacting with a attempt to assassinate Bhutto. Over hundred people were collateral damage!
The threat of the nation erupting in total chaos must have had been an important factor for Musharraf to impose martial law.
Musharraf is the Anwar Sadat of Pakistan. And you know what happened to Sadat. The fanatic Islamists have already tried many times to do the same to him.
As with all democrat ideas, it is based on good intentions. But Musharaf has to deal with a force that opposes him in bringing his country into modern times. The influence of Islam has ever increased since it became independent from Great Britain and deforced from India.
And Islam is not known for proclivity to democratic engagements. The action of Pres. Musharaf to suspend the Constitution came barely in time. By waiting for a Supreme Court decision Musharaf could have lost initiative and Pakistan a strong central leader. Civil war could have been the result and is still the danger. This means that Pakistan is still in great danger to be taken over by Muslim fanatics.

Benazir Bhutto is the Hillary Clinton leftist waving the Democrat banner, with the personal ambition to be the Indira Gandhi of Pakistan. Her ambition is destabilizing the already critical situation of Pakistan. Her attempt to bring on a protest rally, if succeeded, would probably have had disastrous consequences.
Martial law can be eased-up on when local provincial democracy has returned to its equilibrium. We all hope for a positive peaceful outcome, however there is only a slim chance which can only diminish by to heavy handed diplomatic pressure for removal of martial law to soon.
It is no time to make any moves to take support for Musharaf away. All talk about reviewing economic support for Pakistan should just be that: talk, window dressing .

Comparing Benazir Bhutto to Indira Gandhi is like saying: in dark all cats are black. Every daughter has a father. The difference is, but not only, what value the father has to the World and History. In the case the Bhutto: daddy does not compare to a Gandhi. Who does? Pa Bhuto was killed because he alledlly was corrupt. However the Bhuto dinasty important is, the father constitutes not much a legacy to build on for Benazir.

The irony is that Indira Gandhi displeased the Indian people also with her Emergency Declaration. However we may assume that she intended to act as an extention of her father.
Now Musharraf has reliquished his millitary position, what is naturaly because of, mostly American, diplomatic presure, not that that makes him powerless, he is still president, reelected, we have an other reason to assume, that Musharraf is not an egotistical dictator, but a true Pakistani Patriot.

The text will be amended at any time fit, to make the complex more clear.