"An Un-Holy Combo: Science-Government"
Metal scull, Image of Terminator, The Sarah Connors Cronicles


The print and spend behavior of the Fed. Reserve and the Obama administration are in full Sunlight for all common sense Americans to see and vomit in or outside once mouth. It sucks all attention from what The Other Hand is grasping at!
We all know and most of us enjoy the many movies where Governmental scientific experiments run amok. The "Terminator" sequel and both "War Games" movies, with many other, including TV series, exploit the entertainment aspect of this topic. The side effect is that it desensitises the general public: "This could never happen in real life."
Will Smith battles out of control robots in "I, Robot" where the Government is left of the hook, because they only appear as benevolent facilitators in the form of clueless law enforcement; if ever that would be possible! In the "Terminator" and "Sarah Connor Chronicles" and the "War Games" and "War Game, The Death Code"it is the self aware computer, which has become an enemy of humanity. And one of the latest: Eagle Eye". It's the A.I., artificial intelligence, those computers are infused with.
Here movie fantasy and reality are converging. They are to serve the government and planned by bureaucrats who have their personal motivations. This is all far out of reach of the peoples control or oversight.
There is or are no artificial intelligences; there is very successful programming for particular purposes. Imagine that AI would become equal to Original Intelligence. Then, just like Einstein, the computer would come to the conclusion that "God, the Creator", IS. The computer would need knees to fall to. And it may reach enlightenment and go to Haven in a Chevy-Volt on fire. Not that that could ever happen because evil is build-in; its made by men.
We may perceive the scientific blundering in those movies as entertaining, some nice looking young people saving the day and the World. But the unholy combination of science and government bureaucrats caused in the 20th century great harm to humans. Governments by means of science and technology and guided by unholy philosophy have been and would again be a great danger if not controlled. The arrogance that the professional politician develops in position of power, in combination with their mostly Godless primitive humanistic philosophy, brought forth the medical experimentation on humans, "death camps" and the "Gulags" of the political and scientific bureaucrats of National Socialist Germany and Marxist Communist Soviet Union.
And again we have those who want to run and ruin the American way, with whatever science and theory they promote.
Not all the problems those pro-politicians create are extreme as those created by Hitler, Lenin, Mao and Castro etc.. They may seam to be well intended. But what insidious harm did Wilson, FDR to the African-American family and LBJ, Carter and especially Clinton do to civil society, with Dick Obama and his gang of lefty political professors still intend on bankrupting the USA and tax & spend the American people into State serfdom and further on to Global government subjects.
(That Obama's lapdog MSNBC suspended Mark Halperin for tagging Obama with the term "Dick" (-it will stick) is obvious for not keeping the party line: respect the Emperor without cloths.)
The pretension to be superior by mentioning "I consider science important and essential for the development of our future" is as childish as a baby say "I can do potty". The evil arrogant pretensions always turn into disasters for humanity. The mixture of evil and stupidity, supported by brute force are the charms of such a regime: "We may have to chose for giving your granny a pill." It invites to the combination of science and stupidity guided by political motives as with the embryonic stem cell research. Common sense would tell you that embryonic stem cell use for healing unrelated individuals would encounter the same problem of rejection as with organ transplant.
And the exploitations of donated discarded embryos from fertility clinics means also a start from scratch with a new DNA puzzle. But who cares this exercise in futility as long as the funds to support the lab keep coming. And it is yet not even about ethics unless talking about unethical waste of taxpayer heartbeats (lifetime limits / earning power).
Computer power as with every tool can be used or abused and turned into an instrument of evil. The critical factor is who is controlling the tool. A centralized power structure is in any way a dangerous condition for leading individuals to abuse. Are the checks and balances in place and fully functional? Talking about -leading individuals-; To speak with Dirty Harry: "A man has to know his limitations." Observing the nations leaders they appear mostly well educated and sane. But what mental crack may be present in any of them?
Hitler was called the leader (Der Furer); it made me having an aversion for the word and the once who give themselves that title. We became aware to late of Hitler's mental crack what long before Winston Churchill had been warning for. Silly old Winston.
Pay attention to those who did warn us and those warning us now. Because we did not heed the warnings, the problems are piling up to over our heads. And still many don't get it.
Watch whom you gave control over the AI tools. The robots of Will Smith's type are obvious to visible to come for you. Information gathering and processing is the invisible power you might want to keep safe and secure in the hands of saints or such, if they could be found! The civil servants are not all that civil as we have experienced in Wisconsin.
An other movie reverence: In "Serenity", the girl as young River Tam tells her teacher why there are rebels to the governing "Alliance." It is meddling. Government is meddling, bureaucrats are meddling, EPA is meddling, mayor Bloomberg is meddling, and on and on.

July 21,2011.

The text will be amended at any time fit, to make the complex more clear.