"The Trampefication of Womanhood."
Erica-Rose, not worse than any other liberated women.

Dinosaur versus Tramp

With some memories and poetic liberties we get in the middle of the following dialog:

Male: . . . . you tell me that the guy you met yesterday at Starbucks, you took him to your place and you got intimate with him? Are you serious with him?

Female acquaintance: Well, ya, and no; he was good-looking; it was just one of those things. I just got horny. What's wrong with that?

Male: Didn't put yourself in danger to get involved with a stranger?

Female: I use protection and I am using the pill too. I know how to take care of myself.

Male: But isn't that all together a little trashy? Doesn't that matter to you?

Female: What do you think, I should first show him to my mother? I wouldn't take the risk she would get him first!

Male: Your mother would?

Female: She is still good looking and she doesm't have any regular male friend, to get some action.

Male: So, your mother is an independent women, who get what she wants, when she wants it?

Female: All girls I know are like that. There are always boys with their package ready. And if they are not, they can take a blue pill. They should take that pill anyway; I like'm big.

Male: Well, I was not aware of the attitude of young women like you tell me here. Maybe I should have looked pass the way you girls dress. I am not sure if it is an acceptable lifestyle.

Female: I am a consenting adult; we are not living in the nineteenth but in the twenty-first century. We don't have those moralistic hang-ups: we are emancipated long ago.

Male: This emancipation has really done wonders for society; Marriage, the foundation of good families and society has been disintegrating since. Almost half of children in western countries are born outside of Marriage or are living with only one parent. And than the carnage of abortion.

Female (getting a little pissy): That is what men have done. They leave if they have enough of you. Do you think that women have to stay with one men their whole life? We have progressed; we live longer; why marry and why should Marriage be forever. You are old-fashioned. What, are you a dinosaur?

Dinosaur: Men have gone wrong too, I agree; men need good women to keep them in line. Men need respectable women to admire; Tramps cant do that.

Tramp: Women are equal to men. That is how society has progressed. We can do whatever we want. Women can do anything men can. We can have just as much fun as men.

Dinosaur: When did you start to progress; aren't you only twenty-two?

Tramp: You are born with it; I was always a feminist. I wouldn't know anything ells and better.

Dinosaur: I guess, after Bill met Monica. You where about 10 or 12 then.

Tramp: It has nothing to do with that. It is as long as I live.

Dinosaur: Yes I know, it got some footing in the sixties and seventies; but it was already there in the twenties and even before. So you where born in the middle of the mess. I imagine that in the way we are progressing, the government will tell you in 2050 or so: " It is time for you to make place for new, young people: You are to be faced out. You are not beneficial for the world community anymore. We advice for Mandatory assisted suicide." You will not like it and protest. They will tell you: You are so old-fashioned; don't be such a Dinosaur!

Tramp: I don't believe, that could happen.

Dinosaur: That may happen since you tramps voted for that progressive administration in November of 2008. Hope and change baby, that's what you voted for! But don't worry; it will probably be pro-choice; you can have your own pic of poison.

Tramp:You got to be kidding!

Dinosaur:Well, you could take up rock climing. Then you could find your own cliff to jump from.

Tramp: (having the last word): You are wrong!

(Yes, I am, we men always are.)

"The Tramp-e-fication" of "Women-hood".

As evil is always attempting and succeeding in nibbling away on good, so is the US Constitution always under attack. The amendments are sometimes having unintended consequences. Prohibition made some people very rich and some very dead. So do the controlled substances and drug laws.
Women emancipation, 19th Amendment, may give the impression that it has given a positive boost to the intellectual development of women. But who knows if that intellectual plus would not have happened anyway.
But combined with State "Age of consent" laws, it had detrimental effect on family structure, cohesion and on society as a whole.
I am not letting this statement hang in the air without supportive reasoning.
If you ask yourself: was women voting right a liberal or a conservative event? Without hesitation the answer would be: liberal. It put a feminist glacier in motion.
On the way down the hill, and it is down hill, many men and women have used the ride down to enrich themselves. They also degraded themselves and society. And it is still going strong.

The equal but different of the genders has not been nullified. Not though voting rights and other laws. Those are only bandages after causing the injury. And no man believes that there is no difference between men and women.

If I name the development of women in society "Trampefication", I make differentiation for lifestyle. What has happened to society incremental has not reached all women to the degree that they are hopelessly infected. But the infection is all around. No woman is safe unless to old.

Three question:
What is a tramp?
And how does one become one?
Is there an equivalent for men?

First question is simply answered: according dictionary: a promiscuous woman. One requisite is that she is not old. Sometimes externally very beautiful, quit educated and sophisticate. Don't we know many like that? How they became tramps?: later at that.

The third question had to be added for fairness sake and is also simple to answer: a womanizer. Also, philanderer, ladies' man, playboy, rake, roué, loose-liver, Don Juan, Casanova, Romeo, lecher, seducer,, adulterer, sinner; debauchee, sensualist, voluptuary, hedonist; profligate, wanton, reprobate, degenerate, stud, skirt-chaser, lady-killer, wolf, dog, fornicator, libertine, a liberal.

The second question is complicated but most relevant to this article. The process could be better explained by many writers, sociologists etc., maybe much better than I will do here, but I will claim the word "Trampefication" after sissyfication, woosefication and chickefication, and relates to a different but simultaneous development we have gotten used to.

Let me explain it with this metaphor: if it was decided to let all dogs run without lies. more dogs would be killed by traffic then before. In short time you get used to dogs getting killed in traffic. You could screw-up the situation even more by putting six week old puppies on the road. But most people would get used to that canine carnage as they have gotten used to the Trampefication because it was original advertised as "Women-Liberation".

First this:the tramp-camp is by definition found at the liberal side. It is not 100% unthinkable that there could be some tramps vote conservative. Like a madam in Nevada or elsewhere, who depends on the free-enterprise principle. But how conservative could you consider her?

All together the Trampefication has caused a political shift to liberalism. However liberals don't like it to be called liberals. They like it to be called: progressive, what is actually worse because that is just and other cloak of Marxism.

Trampafication has resulted in the current political disaster of Marxists take over the US Government.
Wipe your eyes out and let yourselve recognize what is right in front of your face!
Marxism is a-priori Atheism. All Marxist logic derives from that Atheism. The Secular Humanist is in fact a Marxist-lite (as in Miller-Lite).
Under an air of sophistication the Tramp has a Godless lifestyle and is unknowingly or knowingly a Marxist.
Trampefication through time had its incentives and dis-incentives. Stoning was a somewhat effective disincentive. But civil society abandon that option. Religion was largely effective until it became watered down during the 20th Century. Some denominations even have made allowances for the diminishing moral standards.

From 1920 on Trampafication had constant incentives introduced. They have an aspect of indoctrination. Publications, movies, advertising, Gov. schools.

Medical-chemical are complete incentives. First came the Prophylactics, pills, patches, devices. But more and more stimulants are coming currently to the market as well.
These were first introduced as with the purpose of accomodating "family planning" for married couples. But very rappidly the use of these means have become the normal equipment for the unmarried livestyle.

Rock & Roll with the by Americans so idolized "Elvis the Pelvis" is one more catalyzing ingredients in the Trampafication process.

The mid 1950's brought us the Publication Parasites Hefner, later Cuccione, Flint and many more who justified their Trampefication work as 1st Amendment rights.

Western-Society made a steep dive down into Trampefication with the Sexual-Revolution of the 1960's. This was promoted as the acceptance of the reality of human behavior without moral judgment. Just scientific observation (Kinsey Reports). The topic of sex became acceptable in conversation. And not just in adult company.

The "Hippy" movement, a deviation from conservative society and derivative from liberalism took hold of young adults and adolescents in cities from San Francisco to London and Amsterdam. The Trampafication was in full progress.

Because of the selfish and stupid openness, younger and younger teenagers became included in the sexual openness and activities with detrimental trampefication results. Teenage pregnancy numbers exploded in the 70th and 80th.
Gov. schools introduced Sex-Ed. This made things worse, because it included and stirred up urges in not yet sexual aware or active youngsters.
The "authorities" including more and more, to office elected, women, (who's opinions in such matters are accepted by "stupid as Adam" male lawmakers) decided that it was necessary to supply the teens with condoms. This invited to even more activity. Condoms might avoid some pregnancies, it does not avoid further trampefication.

While the trampefication was already in high gear, the Clinton-Lewinsky example invited Junior-High and even younger youths to a less risk of pregnancy activity. The confusion invoked that this oral interaction was not sex, therefor sex without sex, made trampefication increase exponentially among youth during the 1990s'.

With every new generation unaware of the past, at least during their younger years and aligning themselves with their present circumstances and observations, the trampefication is furthering and also seamlessly moves into the "Scankefication".

The question: what is better, Capitalism or Socialism, is absolutely of no importance to the tramp. For her important is abortion on demand and such.

How low can you go, USA?

Moral Laws are as Absolute as the Physical Laws of Nature. They are all God's Laws.


The text will be amended at any time fit, to make the complex more clear.