Hope and change for the gullible.
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An election ruled by boobs over balls.

After 90 years the chickens rule the farm. The blunder of the 19th Amendment to the US Constitution that as unintended consequence had the breakdown of the family and thus increased the number of unattached women, brought the Marxist Barack Hussein Obama to the center of power of the World.
The unmarried and divorced "cradle to crate safety" boobs plus the (excusably) chauvinist black Americans, at a time that the economics of the nation and the World are in a state of confusion, put a bullet in the chamber of the gun that is aimed to kill free enterprise, freedom and prosperity for decades.
The current generation does not note how they compare to Germany of the 1930's.
A demagog with plans we could know from his books, seduced the weak, scared economical low population into believing (hope) that his leadership would improve (change) their living conditions. The hope that he would be a great and benevolent leader led them to democratically elect Adolf Hitler.
Compare his "brown shirt-NSKK" to the plans of pres.elect B.O., to make a Peace Core-like organization as strong as the US Military!
The disaster both the National Socialists (Nazi) and the International Socialists (Marxist-Leninist Communists) brought to the world is forgotten, not understood or disregarded as belonging to prehistory, by this generation of Americans under-educated and indoctrinated in a government-school-system by an anyway mostly socialist teacher staff, of mostly women.
After some 90 years of women voting rights, seven out of ten unattached, "spoiled with modern conveniences to the wahzue" women have turned "blue".
The classification "blue movie" start now to make sense to me. And blue in the face too: what a nasty color for a women's face. They better turn red of shame. How long will it take for the remaining unattached women to join the "progressive" sisterhood? They deserve their own hood! What a contradiction: that neighborhood is called the red light district!
There are naturally men as well who went along with the progressive degenerative movement. And the total of these "kill the inconvenient unborn" requiring constituency move the society incremental to the barbarism similar to of the former USSR or "Das Dritte Reich".
The only morality what remains in vogue, at least on the surface, concerns finances, credit. And that will go soon out of the window, because the philosophy is "property is theft". However I don't think that women will go along with that! They like to hold on to the house and the diamonds puled out of the divorce, and the ofspring they did chose not to kill. These children give them control over the ex and added income from government and law enforced childsupport.
After I have come down so hard on the sometimes so much more pretty, better halve of humanity, I need to address the exceptional females who constant seem to get it right. They are to some extend an enigma to me because the axiom still holds also for them.
However what I understand is that faith, family up-bring, love and respect for good men are interconnected as causes. (Well, that sounds sappy!) And let's not forget intelligence related to self-interest (Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham, etc.).
Where do we go from here other than down? How far down can we go?
A fear for the sliding down to a left fascism as it's currently manifesting in taking government-congress control or stakes in banking-financial and automobile industry, disguised as bailout is not unreasonable.
And what could be a way back up to a principled and moral society if at all without first going down to The Western Caliphate, what is not completely unthinkable, taking into account the inroads the political correctness decease leaves open to aggressive Muslim organizations in the moral depraved European nations and the US!
A pipe-dream would be to think about repealing the 19th Amendment. Democrat politicians would not allow an assault on their through the women vote achieved advantage, although there is a simple proposal what would almost all women, naturally if with clear guaranties, lead to relinquish their voting right! What would that be? Simply apply the axiom.
Let them vote if they want to give up voting right for no taxes for women! It would be the women's own vote; their last if they in a 2/3 majority voted for. Naturally this would just be for governmental elections.
Dream on! Direct advantages would be: The cost of elections would decrease maybe halve; the return to a more moral society would be slow but sure because the majority of men in Western society are good-willing.
Human laws have bamboozled us. What man believes that men and women are equal? Equal before the Law is the term. Where in God's design is it shown that men and women are equal? This notion all comes from secular humanist Marxism!

The text will be amended at any time fit, to make the complex more clear.