Why do they lie?

"Mohammed's Invention"

This article was written in Aug.'03. It has basic validity but need amended. It will be done with a new one. Considdering the importance, it will take some time.

The awareness concerning the level of danger not just Fundamentalist Islamist but the Islam itself poses to the Western and non Islamic Eastern world, is slowly increasing. However mostly the more professionally involved and interested demographics is part of this development. This includes naturally the internet surfer community. And that's you here, to read from this particular perspective. What became clear to me is the difference and the similarities of religions and approaches to World reform as they are codified in writing. From the Bible we know it to be a collection of writings through time. And the parts are as chronicles, chronological as much as we can expect, considering the time they originate. And these are thus from different writers. The Koran is however from the hand of one man. This traveling businessman and self proclaimed prophet, as he would be called in our time, who married into money of his employer, wrote his instructions for life under Islam and how to subjugate the world under Arab domination by himself, if not dictating it to a secretary. Just like Adolf Hitler wrote his "Mein Kampf" as the foundation for his National Socialist movement to conquer the World with the superior Germanic race, and Karl Marx wrote "Das Kapital" so did Mohammed, the author of The Koran. He said to be inspired and found enough followers for his movement to take on some of the cities on the Arabic subcontinent. The influence of this movement has expanded from the Northwest of Africa to the Philippines, mostly through force and thread of death by cromsword and is maintaining its grip by limiting access to diverse information. Islam is the Invention of an Arab with the Ismaelite genetic superiority inferiority character flaw. Mohammed created a pan Arabic revolutionary movement in the disguise of monotheist religion. We should recognize it by its works as an other tool out of Lucifer's arsenal, reactivated after the diminished power of Communism. The cruel slaughter of the innocent are among the the common characteristics of both political systems. Communism was an opportunistic tool, aimed at making use of the diminished religiosity after the rise of the "enlightenment" movement. Islam had already for a long time spread its influence in Asia but would soon lose influence in Eastern Europe. In our time, an other wave of Islamic resentment has developed into terrorism. It is no surprise that weapons of the Soviet Empire are in use in all Islamic states. Weren't they originally produced to defeat the Free World anyway? Outside the controlled area of Islam, particularly in the US, the public notion is that anyone can start a religion. This democratic" viewpoint is close to the American mind. And since the seventies many did invent "New Age" religions. Most, who decide to become ministers do that by reason of a so named "calling" (of their conscience). Declining numbers join existing denominations. The most extreme manner to become a religious minister, for whatever reason, is the internet certificate of ordination for the Church of Universal Truth. It is not the intention to discount or discourage or ridicule good people to act according their beliefs and dedicate one's life to the Almighty. However, to start a new religion, a World religion, if ever it were needed, can't be a one way street; it involves the sanctioning by the Creator. To reason the validity of this statement, please consider that just an other religious opinion is not of any help; all discord of religions is not serving the Creator; Truth is not served with deluded truth.

For true believers there is an important fact to consider: the Creator is not passive! He has His own plan and method. And we little humans better be in line with His Plan. 
The way it worked in history is that after thousands of years of ignorance and confusion, the Almighty found someone who understood the singularity of His being. It was the recognition by Abraham that resulting in Monotheism of the Hebrew religion of the Old Testament. This developed the promise of a king, who would bring changes.  People of that time could understand "king";  "king" is "leader". This king, when he appeared was a man, a man who was perfectly what God intended man to be, but was not accepted and recognized as the Promised King by the people of that time. This non acceptance resulted in this man's untimely death. However the sacrifice of Jesus of Nazareth resulted in Christianity of the New Testament, continuing the lineage of promise and faith. Christianity was not intended as a new religion; just as inclusion of the World population in the believe in One Ultimate Personal Cause of all existence. 
Where comes Mohammed legitimacy into the lineage of true representing the Creator's intention? It did not. My assertion is that the frustration of the Arabs as the descendants of Ishmael, the bastard son of Abraham, as it existed in the heart of Mohammed made him susceptive to the suggestions of Lucifer and was the motivating force to create his pan Arabic revolutionary movement constructed as monotheist religion. And this movement took of like a rocket! The promise to become superior to any non Muslim, and therefor to Jews as well as Christians and any others, as a build-in incentive plus the alternative, namely discrimination or death, did not leave much room to chose for polytheist Arabs of the time. 
I have to confess that this conversion from poly- to mono-theism aspect of Islam, deceived me for a long time in letting me believe in the positive function of Islam as a religion. 
Presently I am convinced that Mohammed tried to  bypass the Creators providential arrangement. My contention is that Divine Providence has been exclusively continued though the Christian faith. Mohammed created a pseudo religion, an invention, made to elevate the Arabs above the choice of God, ignoring Divine Providence. 
If as claimed the inspiration of Mohammed came from the angel Gabriel, it is not difficult to deduct that Lucifer as opponent of God did his best to throw a monkey wrench in the wheels of  the Divine Plan.  It is no surprise that Lucifer, having a common base with the Arabs envy, arrogance and hate, secretly claims his sovereignty through Islam! 
Some argue that Christianity during its 2000 year history has caused at times terrible bloodshed and thus is not worthy either. These persons mostly object to any and all religion. Their argument is that religions having always caused wars. It is an undeniable fact that religions gave people reason to get to war. But there were always added reasons. For example: The 80 year war of the Dutch with Spain, caused by the rise of Protestantism, was for religious freedom and also for independence. Other religious wars have mostly been with Islam, what expanded by force into Spain and Eastern Europe up to Vienna.
Christianity and its Gospel, the New Testament, has similar functions as the US Constitution that in time it worked its way to  better human nature; in case of the US Constitution to eliminate slavery from the American society. 
It wasn't the Christian doctrine that caused inquisition or any other calamities. The problems where caused by human inequity. It were humans, such as Isabella and Philip of Aragon who applied their will on other humans. 
However the problem of Islam is the doctrine, the need to control the individuals life; Islam is "submission", submission by any means; whether by free will or force! 
However messy and rough, the crusades were a response to Muslim invasions and annexations. 

The intolerance of Islam for different views in what they control in their territory unless it is Islam, is in conflict with what we know to be the recipe for human happiness, that God given right: Freedom. And freedom is not just a right; freedom manifests itself though creativity, where men reflect his Creator as its ultimate parent. 
Islam's dogmatism does not leave space for the realization of deeper truth. It stifles societal progress.
Muslim scholars rationalize the validity of Mohammed and Islam by claiming the connection to Abraham. Did God intended to create division in faith, a fork in the providential road at Abraham's time? No, the weakness of trust in the promise by God to Abraham and Sarah caused the bastard blood lineage and eventually the wider conflict of Jews and Arabs according their respective positions in Divine Providence. Did God need to go back in time to initiate an other Old Testamentic Age religion to continue His providential plans while already in the New Testamentic era? No!
Then how do the Muslim scholars rationalize the heritage of Islam to Abraham's faith? Simply said: by the fact that Mohammed went to the Jews of Medina but was rejected; this would than have proven the Jews to be the faithless and give Mohammed and the Ismaelites right to inherit the lineage of faith! 
But the Jews had no reason to accept Mohammed. There was no scriptural prophesy for Jews to expect a non Hebrew prophet. They were still waiting for the king in the lineage of David. Also how does Islam dismiss Christ and Christianity? By just recognizing Jesus as a righteous prophet. Jesus is for the Muslim just an other prophet! How much better the World would have been, if Mohammed would have joined the Christian faith! What we have now is a Medieval society existing and in constant conflict with the Modern Western World. How useful would it have been to have the religious dedication of the Muslim in the Western society with the befit of Christian love! 

There are many aspect of the Islamic society that are the results of fallacies in the Muslim world view. The consolidation of the inferior position of women in their society, according medieval customs, until these days, is not a Divine inspired rule. It strongly conflicts with the Judeo-Christian values; consider the Christian understanding of Love of the Father for all of His children, whether they are male or female. 
My harsh judgment is that Mohammed's religion is a fake, the handiwork of Lucifer. This fact will not easily be recognized by Americans, who strongly believe in "difference of opinion" and in freedom of religion, freedom to believe what you want. Some hard lessons are to be learned and harsh disappointments to be suffered before we actually will arrive at a clear view of what we are dealing with: an evil construct, a lie! How long did it take to get to the understanding of the evil of Marxist Leninist communism! And how many still have not yet caught on to the truth of that fact!
And  should we accept that barbaric methods of punishment according  Islamic law to be derived from Divine inspiration? No. They are the expression of retarded minds. 
Assuming that my analysis is true, that Islam is Mohammed's invention to seduce God to use Islam as His own and doesn't let Him choice but to accept the Arabs as "the chosen", instead of Jews or/and Christians, then the Arabs are living a big fat lie. It would explain why the Arabs are, maybe unwillingly, liars.  In an earlier article I explored the reason for the resentment, envy, arrogance and hatefulness as it is undeniable present in the character of the Arabs. Now we can also understand their problem to face and how they always need to twist the truth. 
This lying adds on to their already hateful genes. 
While the earlier enemy namely Communism was a great threat to freedom, it had not this inbred  genetic aspect. Islam with its core followers the Ishmaelite Arabs, have this blood lineage ingredient that can't be removed, as communism could, being just a temporary political application of a philosophical thesis, although at its core atheistic. In the Arabs, the genetic ingredient will remain, even when it where possible to remove Islamic doctrine. 
Islam needs to be presented and exposed for what it is to all who it endangers. And that is all of the Western Civilized society.
In my not to humble opinion Islam is a product of the interaction of Lucifer and Mohammed.
I have explained the problem; you might now expect a solution.
In earlier articles I have indicated the end of the Middle Eastern culture is to be compared to the end of the Neanderthal epoch.  As with any comparison this comparison will not be perfect, but will however give us some idea of what is to take place; it will end with the elimination of the inferior society and breed. 
There is no way that without this battle with Islam be won, humanity will be able to attain a peaceful world! 
A process of selective elimination has already begun, but will have to be more extensive than most of us at the moment are willing to recognize. 
Let me also make the point that it is naive to make more significant distinction between Muslims, Wahabi and Al Qaeda than that these are just levels of involvement. 
In the process some Muslims will be redeemable with love and truth. But what truth? Exchange mono cultural religion with secular democracy? 
Lets just force ahead:
Those who pose a danger need to be defeated. It is sobering to realize that this includes Muslims in the US, non Arabic Muslims, such as Black Muslims and the Nation of Islam members. 
For these last three  groups, the affinity to Islam, that causing them to convert to that faith could be of genetic origin or from slavery related resentment and rebellion against the Judeo-Cristian society they had been supplanted into. It is also the inability to recognize and accept the providential supplied opportunities of the US, that can give happiness and superior advancement, compared to the place of origin, Africa.

Western European organization and structure as applied to the African colonies where on the way to made these colonies function and when been given time would possibly have created prosperity on the level of Morocco, Algiers and Tunisia. 
Agitation caused by communist as in Angola or comparable Islamic cruelty, caused Sub Sahara Africa to lose the chance to arrive sooner at a peaceful and prosperous society.  African Americans better open their eyes for the slaughter the Muslims commit to the blacks on the African continent. Wherever there is Islam there is Medieval barbarism. With deceptive clean white or any other color robes they ware, it is the pretended superiority what licenses Muslims to act as they do and cause a great danger to the civilized society. Ask yourself why you accept so quickly that everything relating to Muslims immediately can be called  "holy".  Shouldn't there have been something "Divine"  involved to make it holy? It is not enough that a prophet has been touching the ground. Prophets have been stamping the ground everywhere. That criterium would qualify the whole world to be holy; Angels the same. Those who understand angels know what is meant. 
All this "Muslim holy this and holy that" are just claims derived from the need to elevate themselves above others. Aren't that the typical symptoms of an inferiority complex? As I explained before: my assertion is that this complex has formed and festered in the Arabs since Abraham . Militant fundamentalist Islamism is one of the collective expressions; hot tempers if anything concerning Islam or Mosque is an other. Giving in to their demands "is never enough", as with the Palestinians (and the American Democrats!). It will lead to a "temporary" truce and after some time their pushing start all over. It has been so since the establishment of Islam by Mohammed. It is his subscribed strategy and has been employed ever since. 
Now we know a little better what we are dealing with and we understand that we have no choice; it concerns our survival and that of civilization; if we won't, they will. That is: eliminate us. 

There is no claim this article to be a revelation from God; it is a logical conclusion derived from facts and particular knowledge.
It would not be a surprice, but more proof of the Satanic control in Islam and its deciples, if this article would lead to: me being assasinated. 

The text will be amended at any time fit, to make the complex more clear.