What Caused Women to vote for Obama

Enigma of women vote for B.H.O.

The election of B.H.O. to POTUS can be attributed to the women vote as revered to the article here "Boobs over Balls". A large factor is that except in Com. China, the majority of the population in any country is female. Many actions of women can be explained by the axiom: Women, in a position to have to chose, will chose practical over principal, anytime!
But it didn't explain the votes of the women (for Obama). Just fascinated and tunnel visioned on the outcome I was left with the gullibility and emotionality of the women as explanation. But the "why" of the gullibility remained an enigma. Only the disaster of the election of a Marxist who had shown his colors far before the election day kept my focus.
Then yesterday a hint: seduction! This helped me to see it clear: Women like to be seduced! It is in their nature and not the best of it. Seduction overwrites logic and reason; that is exactly what its supposed to do. But it also gives women power, power to blame men, the pigs!
Vulnerability to seduction is not exclusive to women. And some seduction is not that serious. If a woman is seduced by advertisements to buy stuff she doesn't really need or doesn't much what is promised it may not be that serious in consequence.
But Political seduction will have serious consequences as the Germans between WW1 and WW2 experienced and the United States are experiencing momentarily.
Obvious, seduction leads to regrets. See the harm the seducer has done to the economy and employment. And the seducer is still going around from state to state to ask for support for his hideous intentions.
The rise of a legion of conservative women proves that having the right principles made those women immune to the hope and change seduction trick. And with the regret of those who where bamboozled and who's eyes are now wide open there is hope for sanity to return and limit the power and impact of the action of the usurper in chief who tries to disown us from the by the Creator given rights and transfer them to his regime. Vote his minions out on November 2, 2010!
We may be able to reverse the Marxist onslaught on our freedoms, our culture, language and borders and above all our God and Families.
The voting right of women has gotten us in the morass, the voting right of women may God willing help us out of the Marxist quicksand. And will we have the problem that in 2012 the women vote goes just for no other reason to a woman, Hillary? Do we have problems? And I did not yet even mention Islam!


The text will be amended at any time fit, to make the complex more clear.