Not an opinion but a revelation. If the Holy Spirit is not your thing, common sense may have to suffice.

It always has befuddled me that President George W. Bush, right after the Sept. 11, 2001 attack called ISLAM a Religion of Peace. George W. knew and should know history. How could he say and think that Islam is anything than an expansionist war-cult, knowing the 1400 year history of Islam? He must know that Islam has never ever been at peace with the World.
I trust his uttering was satirical and political. I may have to ask him.

To be able to view Islam for what it really is, here are a trio of examples of evil entities who were cut short in their development. Because that should have been done with Islam as well, long, long ago.

During the 20th Century Mafia developed in the US. however it was mostly defeated. That took till the 1990's.
In the mean time several clones of other than Italian heredity, mostly but not exclusively from East European origin have taken root in large cities. The drug cartels qualify for the catalog. They are a constant challenge for law enforcement to keep a measure of control over their growth and influence, or they become monsters.

A much greater danger had gotten hold of Western Europe after WWI, Hitler's NAZI party. It made WWII inevitable to defeat such evil and that not even without the help of an other evil (#3) that came to power in Russia by means of the Bolshevik revolution. The aftermath of WWII had the result of Marxist Communist Soviet Russia to develop into the Stalinist Communist Empire that absorbed the countries of Eastern Europe as satellite states.

It took 45 years to take down the so called Iron Curtain. The Evil Empire imploded during and just after the Reagan precedency. However it's somewhat dangerous remnants remain as the Russian Federation. But it is not anymore to fear as a ideological opponent. These are three examples of evil organizations that were thwarted in their continued development.

If you are older than the Millennia Generation, you remember the "Conan the Barbarian" movie with Arnold Swartzeneger as Conan. If you didn't see it yet, I think you may not find it on Netflix. Best Buy may be able to get a DVD for you.

The point is that in that movie Conan defeats, stops the continued development of the Snake Cult.

Back to the three examples. If they would not have been defeated and would have had 1400 years to realize a culture, can you imagine? So I call Islam an other older Mafia, or and other NAZI movement. The best is to compare it to a 1400 year old Snake Cult.

Islam is in fact literally the Cult of the Snake. The Snake we know as Lucifer, or Satan. If you skin starts to crawl, it's with good reason. But you need to keep reading. You need to know why this is not a malicious smear. It a statement based on historical indications if not facts.

There are widely known circumstances about Mohammed's calling to be Allah's prophet.
In short, assumed is that the Arch Angel Gabriel pressed Mohammed to take the role of prophet for Allah. As a heathen of the 21st Century, for you the stated propositions have not even the value of mythology, but for a Christian reading on, it may make very well sense. What I explain is that it was not Gabriel the widely known announcer of Jesus birth, but Lucifer or one of his underlings, who thus deceived Mohammed to believe that he was conveyed God's will.

You think that Satan is to good for such deception?

After six hundred years seeing Christianity progressing around the Mediterranean in all directions, Lucifer was not intending to give up on being the Ruler of this World.

He found in Mohammed the perfect tool for the obstruction of Christian progress. Mohammed was the person with the physical vulnerability, epilepsy, and the mental compatibility namely resentment, to mount a counter offensive against Jesus Victory over death and the progress of His followers bringing that good news to all of humanity.

Mohammed initially was not convincing as a prophet. It took him 10 years to get a gang of 100 murderers together. They beheaded everyone in a little village on their way to Mecca.

That was the begin of Islam.

The proposed good aspect of Islam as proclaimed by for example BHO ( "Islam is a peaceful religion") are rules for daily life of the followers. They may in fact be to promote a strong fighting force.

An army needs discipline to be strong. Islam has excellent rules to maintain strong and motivated soldiers. Cleanliness, fasting, regularity, synchronicity with the Moon, holidays, challenging tasks and rewards are all aimed at making a strong following. No pork was at the time (620AD) a good rule for consistent health conditioning. "Allah is great" is a hard to beat slogan. However it doesn't make it a religion. It is still a Snake Cult. Allah is the name of Mohammed's tribal idol. Satan only had to surf on the wave of that believe and that name to become the one god of Islam.

Muslims believe in an afterlife, what does less inhabit fear of death and makes easier to become suicide bombers. In the end everybody dies anyway. However their evil actions come with a price. Counting on God's eternal Love and forgiveness, their actions will not bring them close to the Father or the Son.

Now you need to be explained about peaceful, moderate, or "real" Muslims, and the so called high-jacked religion. They, peaceful, moderate, or "real" Muslims, are red herrings and justifications for the never-the-less Snake Cult. We should know that cult by its works: The latest manifestation ISIL ISIS.

Again back to the three examples who not were given the chance to build a culture during 1400 years. The Mafia had "Cosa Nostra". The NAZI's slogan was "Fur Volk und Vaderland", the Soviets I don't exactly know but I think something like "for CCCP and Mother Russia". The last two had no ref to God; they where Godless National Socialist and Godless International Socialist respectively. (We should find an other term for "social media". It's too confusing for the millennials with their iPhones)

Was it 6/16/2016 that Obama again proclaimed that "Islam is a Religion of Peace?" But we know what he seams not to know or want to, that Islam has never, ever been a religion of peace, not in 1400 years. Islam has always been a aggressive expansionist warring NAZI- like ideology. Islam (translate-surrender-) is only a pretend religion. What derives from Satan can't be religion. But it is a "belief" of 1.5B followers, dupes of Satan's deception.
You could call it an other much older Mafia, or an Snake Cult that unimpeded by a barbarian hero has festered for 14 Centuries.
Satan pulled the wool over Obama's eyes. Just like he did to Mohammed. Obama is Satan's fool. When by replacing the word Allah with the word God in reporting the phone-call content of the Orlando gay club shooter, AG Loretta Lynch showed as well to be a loyal fool of Satan. Aren't most well-meaning people keep fooling themselves with the equivalency of meaning of the words: Allah and God?

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