"Not only genetics."
Petros Margosyan's Adam en Eva

What makes humans Human?

Some will remember a movie from the late 70ties: Altered Stages. It was centered around testing regressive memories through sensory depravation. One of the test subjects turns temporary into his prehistoric ancestor, going back according evolution theory. It was wild entertaining.

There is a lesson in there. Any individual can meditate back along one's blood-linage and try to understand what where and when life started. Depending on what you have been taught, your end up in the primaeval muck or in the Glorious Spirit of the Divine Creator. What a choice! Let's not forget the third possibility: the combination of both!
Because I was not there, I don't know. I only can think and apply my logic, shallow digging, the hints history supplies and my visions.

The appearance of men in its current manifestation may have a much earlier date than was assumed thus far. A human bone has been found dated to be older than a million years. One bone does not proof much. But it cant be ignored either. We experience life as going through cycles. Maybe it is not the first time mankind appeared om Earth; who knows what happened a billion plus years ago?

There are many forms of energy in the Universe; Albert Einstein helped us out with his formula for the energy matter represents. Our, human, bodies are also quantei of energy and, as far as we know, functioning as highly complex chemical compounds, with some electrical component in the central and peripheral nerve system. If we think about humans of the past, we project their physical constitution to be somewhat similar to what we are used to. This may be a baseless assumption. But we have not much more to go on than contemporary science theories.

If we, just for the sake of an open mind, let go of the contemporary perception of physical existence, we may be able to imagine that the human body, at the time it was revealed, functioned, all atoms, molecules, as that quantum of energy in perfect harmony,
We know of the aura of our bodies as an extension, the connection to the infinite surroundings. Just continuing to imagine: the whole body as the center of the aura, as a body of light. Was it so, at its inception? Or might it be men's future destination?

If it would have been like a body of light, would it for some reason have degenerated and become more heavy, more physical, like us, in our time, with many of us: immoral lard-asses? And are we at or close to the bottom of the decay and is there a way back upwards?
If this fantasy is a little hard to swallow, I don't mind to let you fantasise the evolution route. You where thought all the steps. Therefor I don't go over them again. I just go to the moment, as hypothesis, animal evolves into men. It is actually to be more precise, when men with less than optimal conscience, completes his development to perfect conscience: he perfectly understands the border between good and evil. One individual, a pre-historic Lincoln: Adam.

The text will be amended at any time fit, to make the complex more clear.