What was there before stuff?

"The Law of Inevitability."

Some days ago I heard a radio talk-show host ranting and raging because a caller irritated him. That seams to happen sometimes... The irritation was caused by the somewhat unsophisticated formulation of the caller’s thoughts and ideas. The host sensed and refused, according his rant, to discus the controversy "creation versus evolution". I felt empathy with the caller because I know that some of us need a little runway to get our argument of the ground. But the host applied the first rule for the existence of a host: The caller has to let the host look good. And this caller was not going to do that. It put me to think what ideas could bring some light to the deist versus atheist arguments. I remember reading Steven Hawking's book "A brief history of time ." He is a smart man and has a lot of knowledge. But in our time it has become impossible to know everything. I have long ago given up on knowing everything and rely on simple logic. I am not getting caught up in confusing details and strive to see the main outlines. And I know that Hawking is wrong. Where is Hawking wrong? He believes that time began with the coming into existence of the universe. He thus conditions the existence of time on the existence of matter. My Law of Inevitability states that what happens today had already its foundation in yesterday. Or rephrased: the cause of later is in the here and now and visa versa. Nothing happens without previous available circumstances. This is absolute. Before the "Big Bang" was the cause of the Big Bang; "before" indicates time. The possibility for the coming into existence of all forms of life existed also already before the "Big Bang" or "whatever". Proof is that human life exists now. Life could not come to existence without previous circumstances. It was Inevitable. "Eureka, I am a genius." Oh, and I am also a product of previous circumstances. The consequence of this logic is that intangible values such as love, truth, perfection, honor, passion, compassion, character, etc. and intelligence, spirit conscience, consciousness and gender (is that intangible?) are inherent to existence and the coming into expression was Inevitable! They where "latent" existing, even before the physical universe had unfolded into the periodic system, what made all physical structures possible, but not without all other included laws of nature and not forgetting sub atomic details, energy. The word "latent" is used as a bridge for the atheists, while for me there is nothing latent on the Source of life and all existence. What comes to mind is that there is some commonalty in the evolution theory and Marxist philosophy: they both start their review in the middle of the movie. This is no surprise to me as deist, knowing they come from the same deceptive source . . .

The text will be amended at any time fit, to make the complex more clear.