"Undercutting the Foundation."

The Greater Danger

You know it and I know it: The United States as well as most western nations are in social, political, moral quicksand. An important point in history what can be recognized as a mistake, resulting in the present conditions was the the addition to the US Constitution: Women voting right.

The Public School System is one more well intended, but disastrous institutions in USA society. It is not the first time you will find this opinion expressed.

The development of publicly funded education started long before the independence of the States. First very local. It evolved to regional and later the the individual states. The "Brown v. Board of Education" ruling brought education further under control of the Federal Gov., what initiated the whole bussing disaster. The Carter admin. completed the annexation of control by establishing The US Dept. of Education. Education makes people employable and thus alleviates poverty. From that perspective the institution of public funded schools was a good thing. It was. It is no longer.

The Public (say Government) School System has become a political instrument. It has produced a large class of government employees; That is never a good thing.

Government is based on power. Not on productivity, invention, creativity, competitiveness, quality, attractiveness etc.. It is based on power, groups power, individual power, political power. And power maintains itself, by tooth and nail and your taxes.

There is no great poverty in the US anymore. Unemployment is at its lowest level ever. No one has to be hungry, unless one is to lazy to chew. Social services to the wazoo. Churches, humanitarian organization, good people are ready to take care for any unfortunate change in the life of an individual or family to help them through a rough patch; all poverty is just temporary or by choice.

That is one reason the Government School System has become obsolete. It should not be used by good parents anymore. It should shrink from no takers. Good teachers can migrate to good schools, where parents choose to sent their children. The political choice of the parents will decide if they will get their for Gov.Ed. paid taxes returned.

The s-x education in the Public ( say Government ) School System has been an other nail in the coffin of marriage and family. (as was women's voting right; see previous article). They are closely connected.
What has it done to the innocence of our children? This school system, slowly being handcuffed by the separation of church and state fanatics, had to abandon the Judeo-Christian value system and pushed towards a morally and ethically relativistic value system multi culture humanism.

What good does the equalizing idea that men is a progressed form of animal? Some simplistic acceptance of "Creation" as some Christian denominations profess, leafs them open to being called primitive, obsolete and other denigrating classifications, by those calling themselves "sophisticated, progressive, modern".

But I take a good Forrest Gumb anytime over Karl Marx.

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The text will be amended at any time fit, to make the complex more clear.