Let's not forget: it's not over!

"The Battle has barely begun!."

To properly remember and give honor to those lost at that catastrophic day and their families, friends, colleagues is hard for someone who only lost the relative peace of living a short 3/4 mile from the World Trade Center. I apologize for that.
The priority for me is to project my understanding of the Islamic problem. That is what I have tried already for several years. Many scholars have done that in a mostly secular analytical manner. That is functional mainly for daily use off homeland security. But eventually it has to be understood at the metaphysical plane (four dimensional). To be blunt. it is the battle between good and evil. I am not trying to "enlighten" atheists. They have to vent for themselves. But from the rest of the population many are not getting it. No one is getting everything all the time. Where did I hear that before? And that lack of getting it is carried over into the national politics of today. It results in people making choices, which are not in the Nations and their own interest.
We have to stop calling Islam a religion of peace. Know Them by their works. It is not. Is it because the Muslims misunderstand, misinterpret the doctrine? No they understand it well. In is because of the source. The source is evil. That source is not God. Then what is it? Draw your own conclusion.

The text will be amended at any time fit, to make the complex more clear.