The Cultural and Sexual Revolutions


Checking and updating the links of the Chinese page on this site, it struck me, that the American sexual revolution was for the American culture, what the Cultural Revolution was for China. However what happened to the US has affected, infected the whole of the Western World.

It also occurred to me, that both revolutions are Marxist in origin. This is obvious for the Chinese Cultural Revolution. That this is also the case with the sexual~revolution, although already explained in previous articles, need some more details. Maybe what I explain is general knowledge, but I am bewildered that no one talks about it or have they already surrendered? I still have to do what I have to do. Lets' do it for "the children".

There are some significant dissimilarities with what was destroyed in either culture.
It is well-known that the Chinese Cultural Revolution destroyed property, property that would remind the people of the "bourgeois" past. It also went after the people who represented the historical culture: teachers and intelectuals. It was attempting to remove all memory of a thousands of years old society by destroying the artifacts, the symbols of it.

Confucianism was a ethical philosophical existential worldview teaching, based on respect for the ancestors who "cultured" their society for the descendants. This philosophical system did not include a deity. It therefor can't be considered to be a religion. The spiritual aspect was centered on the ancestors. Therefor Maoism did not have to deal with destroying religious spiritual faith, from which communism as the state imposed Marxist atheist philosophy is the ultimate opponent.
As far as the influence of Buddhism what later influenced the spirituality of the Chinese culture, it has also no central deity; only the concept of the ideal human. Therefor the only religious opposition to deal with could come from outside.

Both Confucianism and Buddhism needed to make place for a totally materialistic philosophy of Maoism which is Marxism with specifics for Chinese application.

The Western, sexual revolution was aimed at corrupting the morality and spirituality of the Judeo~Christian culture, and with that enfeebleling the believe in a singular divine creator and His Commendments.

Combining two metaphors: the "forbidden fruit" is the "Achilles heel" of humans, particularly in the Western World. We need the force of commandment to withstand the force of the sex-lust drive.

The sexual revolution pushed the commandment to the side as anachronistic and irrelevant to people of the 20th Century (and thus the 21st) with their free-love attitude.

We may mistakenly date the sexual revolution to the 1960's ~ 70's, however the process started already in the "Roaring (19)Twenties". What I say is: it started after and because of the inclusion of the 19th amendment. The breakthrough came in the 60's ~ 70's. The hippie ~ flower-power ~ Vietnam war ~ peacenik ~ cabal, with serious Marxist and nihilist roots, and the proliferation of means for birth control pushed this new morality over the threshold of majority acceptance. The aim was at destroying the spiritual moral character of the US and what was left of faith in Europe, to make it ripe for total atheism. The process got somewhat dampened during the Reagan~Bush-I presidencies, but picked-up steam again during the 8 Clinton years. The detrimental effect on the students of secondary as well as primary education of that presidents sexscapades is incalculable and has multiplied the disastrous effect of the sexeducation of the Government School System.

And the moral decay worsens by the day, as expressed by educators willing to supply 11, 12 years old pupils with contraceptives, without informing parents.
While in the past male educators were tempted to engage with students, we have now arrived at a level of moral corruption that we are confronted with the regular occurences of female educators getting involved unrestained.

The text will be amended at any time fit, to make the complex more clear.