"A Culture based on 'Stolen Women"

Paul! Where have you been? You have been missing here almost three years!
Well, I have been writing a novel. It is not yet published, but it will, it must!
What is so pressing that it "must"? What is your novel about?
The novel is a not really romantic adventure story. In many aspects it is social commentary. It plays around two sisters, one year different in age and different in personality. Add to that that they are very pretty; one a brunette, the younger a blonde.
Current international political circumstances touches them in a very direct manner. That is naturally the ever present ingredient Islam (Submit, surrender), culminating in ISIS barbarism.
The novel explains that there is a lot of historical shortsightedness around. Many think that the problem started recently like yesterday or so. The novel's title revers to that: "Seeing Blind and the 1400 Year Curse."

In my description here some esoteric topics have to enter analysis. The daily struggle of mankind, everyone, knowingly or not, fighting or not, is in the battle between good and evil. All crime derives from the same source. All evil manifest if humans coopting Lucifer. And it happens in countless ways. Lucifer is always ready to exploit personal weakness. And people are on some level mostly clueless.

Writing, exposing Lucifer, attract his resistance in many subtile and more obvious ways. That was thus my experience. Vulnerabilities in once own personality gives him openings to deflect; Once own wants, desires gives him a grip on anyone. Distractions, delay's. Physical discomfort, eyesight problems, headaches, sleepiness or sleeplessness, itches, accidents. In a car accident I lost my dear 1993 Buick station-wagon that had only 130K Miles, new tires and alloy rims, and legal busyness. Include materialistic dependency. And troubles continue. It explains why it took three years. I am sticking to that story.

In spite of the obstacles I have become aware of important facts. I need to share it with you. Below here the description of the most important truth I found. Can you bare a little good versus evil context?

After six hundred years seeing Christianity progressing around the Mediterranean in all directions, Lucifer found the person with the physical vulnerability, epilepsy, and the mental compatibility namely resentment, to mount a counter offensive against Jesus victory over death and the progress of His followers bringing the good news to all of humanity.

What Lucifer did was pass himself off as the Creator, by means of a hesitant tool, Mohammed. But Lucifer had some help from Mohammed's wife to convince her man to take the job as prophet. Compare that situation with the Adam and Eve debacle.

Lucifer deceived Mohammed and with him thus all Muslims, by impersonating the angel Gabriel using the widely known name of the announcer of the birth of John (the Baptist) as well as of Jesus birth. It is of little significance if it was Lucifer himself or one of his underlings who did the impersonating. It was by deception that Mohammed became the initiator of the greatest evil organization humanity has got to cope with during last 1400 years, only temporary outdone by NAZI-ism, Soviet and other Marxist atheist communist governments.

You could ask me: "How do you know that this is what happened?"

Over time my eyes were opened. I became to understand: "That's what I would have done if I were Lucifer."

Think about it: "Do you think that Satan is 'too good' for it?"

"Islam!", (submit, surrender!) was the battle cry when Mohammed and his first hundred followers (collected during 10 years) beheading everyone in a little village on his way and before moving on and subjugating fear-stricken Medina residents. Mohammed was not much different from Attila the Hun or Genghis Kahn.

Around 630 AD Medina and Mecca naturally where not large cities like they are now.

Islam is derived from the source of all evil, Lucifer (now thus named Satan). It is therefor a criminal entity. Why would it make Islam a religion? No it doesn't. Islam may be an ideology, a way of life, a culture. Deception is at its inception.
In time that culture developed justifications for it's customs. Lucifer, through his medium Mohammed produced an artful construction. Never forget the wisdom of Lucifer. He created what looks like a religion to which 1.5 Billion dupes adhere to.

Many believe in communism; many did believe in National Socialism, and some may still, but that doesn't constitute those doctrines to become religions. Lucifer with human cooperation has a multitude of other schemes and concoctions. Satan has an infinite numbers of such options.

Letting believe that Allah is identical to "God the Creator" and Islam a religion is a Satanic deception. But it supplies a fabulous cover and the First Amendment of the US constitution will face a conundrum.

The rhetorical question for us: Would the Loving Father, like Jesus taught us God is, send a scorch like Islam on the Earth? No, Islam is Lucifer's counter move to God sending Jesus that caused the benevolent Christian influence on all of humanity! Here the critics will come out of the satanic woodwork and proclaim that Christians did Sus and So. No that were not Christians or Christianity. That were failing humans, in Satan's pocket. Aren't most of us falling short?

Just so you understand: Satan stays out of sight. Because Seeing is Believing, right? For the unbelievers who would see Satan, would definitely start to believe and thus believe in God the Creator. And that is not in Lucifer's interest. He is also only the ruler of the Earth but in the future he may be piggyback into space.

Now back to how practically deal with Islam. It should be legally dealt with as any other criminal organization, such as Mafia, Yakuza or Drug-Cartels, comparatively small fries from Satan's 'fertile' mind.

The origin of Islam has to become universal known. The cloak of religion has to be removed. It is what it is. A big fat lie from the start and from the source of all lies, around which in 1400 years a culture has formed. That Islamic culture has become an even heavier cloak. In current political climat we are expected to be accepting other cultures.
Respect for other cultures? Simple question: Should we respect head-hunter culture?

We are daily deluged with linguistic deceptions. Not only Marxist dialectics but our own MSM and our government use deceptive cliches.
The term "radicalized" leaves a justification for or acceptance of possible "moderate or peaceful" Muslims. But these "moderate or peaceful" are only not yet "activated or mobilized" members of the same army. In fact they are always active. Their function is to complain as being discriminated or disrespected. Mohammed promised Muslims to have two times the value of others, the "kafir". That privilege doesn't get rewarded in the non Islamic world. Therefor reason to complain. Reason to push to widen influence. That's Political Islam.
Even so called 'good' Muslims help to give legitimacy to Islam and invites for the excuse of "high-jacked religion". What derives from Satan is not religion but criminal.

Only if we are absolute convinced that Islam is a criminal entity, we will want and strive to get rid of it.

Dissolving Islam in the Western World legally is the first step to remove this evil from the Earth. Be aware that Muslims are the "Dupes" of Lucifer as well. We shouldn't hate them, than their evil deeds.

And understand that Satan doesn't care on which side he claims his victims. He is the ultimate destroyer. It's why many more Muslims die than non-Muslims. It's a risk in itself to be Muslim near Muslims: The Suni Shi'ite schism and that violence proves it.

As long as Islam exist, there will be at intervals some individuals stick up their snake head from among the 1.5 Billion Muslims, individuals who believe that luvvie-dovy Islam is not fulfilling the instructions of the prophet for Allah (Satan). They chose to become activist and initiate an other violent aggressive group, with names such as Hamas, Hezbollah, Al Qaeda, Boko Haram, ISIS and whatever name.
With time and the number of followers that is just the statistical probability-inevitability.

What to do? Remove the cloak of religion and legally dissolve any and all derivatives of Islam wherever possible: USA, EU, Russian Federation, Australia, India, South America, Africa. After that we still have to deal with politics. Satan has still more irons in the fire: China, N. Korea, Cuba, Venezuela?

Concerning sexual assaults in Germany by Middle Eastern refugee men. You got what you asked for. These men come from a culture build up during 14 centuries on "stolen women". That "stolen women" aspect of Islam explains a lot. Just a hint: allow a kidnaped women access to an automobile (or a camel) and what do you expect she would do?

The men of the Muslim culture who invaded Europe, as refuges, have to learn the hard way in what territory they have come to live.
A remedy may well the public flogging of the guilty perpetrators. Punishment for what are considered crimes in the country of origin are much harsher. They should learn what in the West counts as serious crime. And that will take some convincing.
Flogging specialist may be contracted from Singapore. Flogging has been very successful against illegal drug trade in that country.

The ignorance of Angela Merkel is astounding. It may be because of the good experience with Turkish "Gast-Arbeiter"; but Turks are no Arabs and Turkey is not a Islamic Republic. Turkeys Pres. Erdogan however let a 4000 person capacity Mosque build as part of his illegal financed-build Presidential Palace. That should alarm NATO.
And to Jeb Bush: the Kurds adhere to Islam as much as New Yorkers to Christianity. Yea, you too Donald! You have seen Gay-Pride Parade? Yea, there are still more than ten good people left in New York. Otherwise it would go the way of Sod'om, New Sod'om.

Barry Satoro must be depressed. Not only failed he to lower the see levels (he probably all the time knew he couldn't), he may have an Islamic fatwa-target on his back. Once you are a Muslim you can't claim to be a Christian. Unless it is to deceive the kafir. Oh, is that what he did? In the Indonesian grade school he probably learned to calligraph the Muslim credo, like they tricked some students in SC to do. For Islam that kind of thing makes you a Muslim. And as with the Mafia: if you are in, you are in, forever.

But Barry has gotten some credits from Islam too. He prepared Libya for ISIS, ISIL, and before that he gave the Muslim Brotherhood military equipment, after the Islamic Spring revolution in Egypt and the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak. He did a lot more for Lucifer's Islam by retread from Iraq etc. He must also have credits for his still continued effort to disarm the American People. I speculate without any proof, that he gave the USA away to Iran as the Western Caliphate. He must also have great credit or great fear for the fatwa and thus acquiesce by importing not security cleared Syrian Muslim refugees, like he became not security cleared US president. Why is he endangering the American population?

And what Christian would want to live with the name Barak Husein Obama?

Please never name an aircraft carrier BHO!

You think it may be interesting to read my novel?