The third rail for the host.

"Women on Talk-Radio"

If I were a politician, then from my article about the 19th Amendment and my appreciation for women political opinion you could derive without further explanation what third rail I am holding on to. There are a considerable number of women listening to talk radio. There are many things you can do while listening to radio you will not be able while having to listen to TV, broadcast or cable. You might be nailed to the couch.
Women who are listening to talk radio are already special by natural selection. They have some control over their environment; they are of more than average intelligence. There is also the particular personal charm of the show's host.
Those women listeners are treated with respect and velvet gloves.
The talkshow hosts I am mainly have been able to listen to and have some sense that they are aware of the negative influence of women's political power on society, are the six in the picture. There are many more interesting talkhost I have been able to listen to. But there are only so many hours in the day, that I don't seek them out via internet; I like to see some TV too.
Michael Gallager, Michael Reagan, Mark Simone and several others are good and smart talkshow hosts and belong to those who must understand, what this 19th Amendment has done to the culture of the US.
They may not have talked about it, but I hope they would think it through. I may have heard Rush mentioning the 19th Amendment, but it was related to the larger number of women voting Democrat. Those would not listen to him or talkradio anyway.
Oprah would be more of their cup-of-tea. And the Vibe.

The talkhosts have to stay PC as it relates to women. The political balance is hanging by a hair. Those smart women-audience should not be challenged at what they have, are born with, being equal under the law. Because even those women are under the rule of my axiom. How the heck do we get out of this Conundrum?

The text will be amended at any time fit, to make the complex more clear.