"What is needed for"Time Travel?"

Many people believe that science and technology will at some time in the far or near future make it possible for a person to go back in time and even go ahead a year or even hundreds. They think that in the way of:
If you can dream it . . .
In books and movies it makes for great entertaining phantasy. One of the latest cable-tv shows on "Showcase" (Can) has been and will get a second season in 2013 is "Continuum". It is a delightful show in witch Rachel Nichols plays a law enforcement officer who is by a seemingly accidental large energy release send back from 2077 to 2012. And with her a group of seven criminals of the OWS type. (You know where I stand.) The show put me to think over the concept of time travel, or time jumping, and its viability. And I came to some realization.
Lets see what the conditions are and what a human's prospects are. Men is positioned on or relatively very close to the planet Earth. There is where he like to be, to do whatever his thing. That's where he imagines his time jump could take place. But the Earth is not stationary.
The Earth is orbiting in equilibrium between its velocity and gravity around the Sun. The Sun itself is also orbiting around its own larger center; that may be the center of the Milky Way, the galaxy is the system the Sun and the Earth are part of.
And the galaxy has its own trajectory though space. From the two seemingly circling but actually hurling through space bodies, the Sun and the Earth, we understand that the combination of ther two movements makes the Earth following a spiral kind of path. For the Sun a much, much larger spiral. To have some idea of the shape of that path: its a kind of like a slinky flattened sideways and than stretched a lot.
And the Earth and the Sun, will never, or in infinity, return to the same place in the Universe.
What causes people to believe that time travel will at some future time be made possible is a kind of flat earth mind set.
They live an ant-like existence on this globe, sometimes jumping by plane from one spot to an other.
To go back in time you have to go back in space as well. For even to go back one second the Earth has to go back to the place where is was one second before. That means the Sun has to back up where it was one second before as well. And so on. The whole Universe has to return on its path.
One second forwards in time means also to have the whole Universe to get ahead of itself and that is a lot of mass.
It is time and space; not just time by itself. To accomplish this feat you would need a factor of energy as was unleashed at the instant of creation (big bang), the age of the Universe and the time you want to move. Backwards you have a lot more inertia to overcome; that way times two! I know only One who can do that. And He has no reason to do that, because when He had created the Universe, it was Good.
So for an individual or a group to go back to the place the Earth was a period of time earlier, they can shoot themselves by rocket there. But why would they do that? To find empty space or an other celestial body? Well, you think that's crazy? So, jumping from one time to an other time is sane? Two "times" at the same time isn't crazy?
The argument from those who promote time travel possibility then becomes: " It's to an other dimension"! The other dimension skipping the 1st 2nd and 3rd? And than on to 4th or 5th? An existence without volume? You throw in the word "dimension" and in the process you changed the definition of the word? To cover your pothead logic?
Time travel exist: in creative fantasy. Thanks for that.
Sorry George Noory to burst your commercial bubble.
Next time I may be telling about "light being" or beings of light.

The text will be amended at any time fit, to make the complex more clear.