What we are and what we are not.

"How do they see us?."

We are in a worldwide conflict. With who? The "who"is the simplest to answer: Islam. Who are the we? That's simple too. The "we"are all non Muslims. We are North America, Europe, Israel, Australia, South America and China. Yes China too; but fist thing first.
Why are they fighting us? It's again simple: because Christianity did not finish converting the whole World into Christians before an Arab was born who thought that he could do a better job at converting. Most of the "we" are called "Christians" and we are the biggest target. But Buddhists and Hindu's are as well.

But are we Christians? We are not. We may think we are, but as a nation, the US is an amalgamate. We rather are liberals, libertarians, democrats, republicans, even humanists, communists and Jews etc. And our "culture" is defacto hedonism.

And this is how Muslims see us and who they call "Christians". Same for Europe.

I could start to talk what is wrong with the Muslim culture. That's already taken care off. We know already.

What we need to do is, look to ourselves and see what is wrong and make corrections. It is going to be a big job. But is there a better choice than to be right and good?

The text will be amended at any time fit, to make the complex more clear.