"What Liberalism and Public Education Caused:"

"A generation of young hores"

Let's be clear: If you think that you can blame the internet as a danger to corrupt your child(ren) you are missing the real cause of the theft of innocence, namely the Gov. School Sys. Even more the School system is the trainings ground for the explosive expanding prostitution on and through the internet.

This school system, having been pressed by militant atheists (say Marxists) though the courts, stocked with liberal from the bench ruling judges, to abandon the Judeo-Christian value system, has not enough moral or ethical instruction to make-up for what has been banished.

What they are taught is, wether or not they want to learn: how to do it. And how to avoid pregnancy; how to put a condom on a banana; they learn masturbation, they learn what also goes under the name of a "Lowinski"; they learn where homos put it and they learn about lesbianism. Everybody is different and you learn to accept that. It is all natural, human. And humans are an other specie of animal, product of evolution. And the girls learn to tease and experiment at pyjama parties. They learn that it is all normal human nature and nothing to be ashamed about; everybody does it, right? Everybody is the same but different.

And when puberty arrives with its hormone production, it kicks into over drive without cerebral capacity for control. You remember the objections against teaching abstinence? They have learned to do it; they have not learned not to do it. They have no moral reason not to do it. They only have practical reasons not to do it, or to do it. Here comes the term "safe sex" in. As in my earlier article, the female approach: practical before principal. Save is for practical. Principal would be for moral and ethical.

Most descent people who for using the internet applying all safety screening there is and therefor have only a vague idea what is out there. They are the good parents, who with their concern for "the children" are bamboozled into thinking, that the internet could corrupt their child or children. But the internet shows the corruption, that already has taken place. And what can be found, or better, cant' be avoided without safety screening is showing the largest amount of "teen" and "barely legal" "just 18" etc. categories. And it shows the unstoppable flood of ever new young girls who get into action, no holes barred. Yes, they take it in the rear as if it is natural, any which way. Small wonder: they learned from the now acceptable practice of the homosexual men.

The youngsters understand that if homos can take it in the rear, then why not everybody, right?

And in the explosive expanding porn-world, they are as quickly as possible made used to this practise, what makes them "porn-stars". Who the hell invented that word? He should be hang or something. They all want to become stars, and with what they learned in school, what is wrong with that? It's a business where business and pleasure are coming together . . . At least for a while. Note: a young whore eventually becomes an old whore. And what then? Whore, where are you good for? Nothing!

The process goes through the steps from cudy nudy to sodomy, thanks to "Playboy, Penthouse, Hustler, Genesis " and so many other not here named professing freedom of press, speech and enterprise to seduce

Women's lib, and all connected aspects of sexual revolution, birth-control, contraceptive means, have not only made women independent. It has caused a culture where the girls are as eager to engage in "safe or not safe sex" as the boys, and the girls are prepared, if not with condoms than with the pill. A girl is nothing special anymore. There is not much to respect for anymore. Because she wants it to and is allowed to enjoy it. Many parents have already been instructed by the same Government School System to think in the same way. She has equal rights to be immoral as men. And with her natural practical tendency she will buy her popularity with it. As the Rap subculture screams :she is a "Ho". The internet shows what is and has been happening to society. What Liberalism and Public School System has produced is a generation of young whores. And this development will continue and increase. No child will be left behind.

The text will be amended at any time fit, to make the complex more clear.