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Religions and Worldviews
 Egyptian : The Kemetic Orthodox Faith
Four Main World Religions
Orthodox Hinduism First Christians: Jews Fundamental
Orthodox Sephardic Jews Cham of Cambodia
Hindustani - Indus Valley Civilization
Coptic Christians, Egypt
Islam religion Allah koran quran jihad
Barnard College Department of Religion
Krishna DenominationsBhagvan Shree Radjnesh
India - Religion
Greek Orthodox 
Byzantine & Medieval Studies Site
Islam a Living Religion offical Ramadhan Web Site
Liberal Asian Religion Page
Buddhism's Introduction into Japan
Catholic (Rome)
Catholic religion
ArabNet -- Bahrain, Culture, Religion
Academy for Jewish Religion Astrology and Religion Russian-Orthodox-Net.Org Islam-(Submission)
Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion  Kirti Institute for Higher Tibetan Studies
 Tibetan Religion
 Ripa Landrang Foundation
Anglican Church 
Bacon, Francis - Essays
Islam - A Guide to Understanding Muslim Religion, History, and Culture
OU.ORG Site Index Bali Religion Lutheran Reformed Denominations 
Women Rights in Islam
Ichud HaRabanim L'Maan Am Yisrael V'Eretz Yisrael Amida Buddhism
Basic Terms of Shinto
Huguenot Origins
History of Christianity in Korea
Afghan Cultural Information Center
Yeshivah Dvar Yerusahalayim Geography of Shintoism
Glory of Jainism
First Presbyterian Church
Jews for Jesus Chinese Baha'i Religion
Buddhism In India About 
Second Reformation Denominations  
Deconstructing Early Israel Buddhist Cultural Center
Buddhism as a Religion
Swedenborg School of Religion Alharamain Islamic Foundation
Secular Jews 
Marx, Engles
Myanmar, Buddhism
Thanh Siang Temple
Christian Scientist
Inter Pacific Online
Iran: An Introduction - Religion
Mormon Archive
El-Amin, Ammar
    Alaska - Grand Lodge  Assyria Online
  Zoroastrian Religion
Bahais in the Dominican Republic
Baha'i Faith Index
Hebbalulu, Raghavendra
Absolute Truth, Divine Healing, God, Jesus, Christ, Spiritual Rebirth, Oneness, Universal Science, Science of Mind, Points of Light, New Age, Religion. A Road Home: Islam, namely all Religion, guides man as a spiritual being to gain eternal life and divinity while on earth.
  American Telugu Association Libertarianism&Religion  
  "Vegetarians"(fun) McCain Library
The Witnessbox
  Hinduism for Schools A Christian Paradigm - meditation AmericanFamilyInstitute Meditation, Yoga, Kundalini, Enlightenment  AFA - American
Family Association
   In general, while religious Jews do not deny but accept Secular Jews their status as Jew, they are not able to do same for Jews who bow for Jesus of Nazareth.
   Although Hinduism is not a Buddhist denomination it is like Judaism which gave birth to Jesus and Christianity, Hinduism brought forth Gautama Buddha and Buddhism
  There is much good and love in Christian groups. However the division in so many denominations is proof that all fail to be 100% truth. In that way they are not distinct from any other world view.
   Both Judaism and Islam came from the Illumination and faith of Abraham who fathered Israel and Ishmael which resulted in the birth of Jesus and Mohammed and the establishment of the later two World Religions.
The September 11, 2001 disaster has opened many of us our eyes for the evil what comes to humanity by means of Islam. Read the most important article "Mohammed's Invention"; read it for the insight, not for literary quality. It will illuminate with plain logic the predicament of the World as it finds itself in need to deal with Islamic Terrorism without offending the Muslim. It must become clear that this is unrealistic or even better, plain stupid, since it's conclusion is that we are dealing with a false teaching, one never should have been. - LDS MIDI Hymns
 Ron Wyatt's Official Website of Archaeological and Biblical Discoveries -
According the Unification doctrine the religions are to be classified as:
  • Pre Testament: example = Hindu
  • Old Testament: example = Jewish
  • New Testament: example = Christianity
  • Post Testament: example = Unificationism 
There are transitional categories and not synchronic ones: example, Buddhism, monotheism existed already long before this ethical teaching found following in South and Far East. And even more out-of-sync: contemporary Hara Krishna and the many New Age cults, Witches, Chanelers, Guru's. Also Atheism belong to the out-of-sync World views: progressive thinking? No, regressive, just like body piercing, tattoos.

General Religion Topics
Akhet Hwt-Hrw Alt.Religion.Wicca FAQ Ancient Slavic Gods Alternative Religion
Ancient Oak Bemushroomed Earth Religion Facets of Religion
Universal Religion
Graphic Omniscient Device: Religion Amazing Emperor Heliogabalus Center for the Study of Religion and the Brain
Aquela Definition of Religion Ancient Religions Kung San
Editorial: The following sites and links are a sample of the ignorant, arrogant, short sided, rebellious and misguided, product of  same educators. They are showing that misapprehension of the central concept to be considered first is not religion. There are more than enough concepts to be established. Religion is the most simple of those to be formulated: 
A Religion is an organization formed by the followers of a significant person of some outstanding level of insight in life and existence. There have been many of those personalities, each with their limitations of understanding. And born at different times and places during history. The Universal recognized main four
persons are Abraham, Buddha, Jesus and Mohammed. What their followers did with the spiritual inheritance is only to some limited extend reflecting the original intention. 
And the failure of the followers has caused reasons to over for critique on the existing religious organizations and misunderstanding in the minds of "the limited of insight" like the youth, deceived by a public, secular education system under the cover of rational scientific thinking. Life and it's origin, not in the sense of matter, but metaphysical is less their concern, when they buy their cloths at the Gap and they don't want their promiscuity to be handicapped by morality.
"On Religion" Oversoul
Mike's Favorite Woody Allen Quotations Abbey of Thelema
Atheism or Religion, I can't see any gods around here LAWS OF WISDOM: holistic synthesis of science and religion
Church of Twinkie Finding religion
Church of Virus Let Us Reason Ministries on Cults and Religion
Pre Testamentic Religions in The Western World
Morrigan Hel - Celtic Goddess of the Org Charmed girl's Attic
Celtic Deities
The ancient religion of the Finns Gnostic Pagan Religion
African Religions
Chokwe People Benin - Voodoo Project Lunda People Map Religion in Africa
South American Religions