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Computer Internet Tech Companies
  Company Sector  Detail  Symbol
  Adobe Software graphics ADBE
  Akamai Network,content,  Global, acceleration AKAM
  America Online ISP, Portal, Database Shopping AOL
  Amnis Systems Streaming, MPEG4 Digital Video AMNM
  Apple Hardware / Software MM, MPlatform, QuickTime, AAPL
  Arbitron Webcast Services Radio ARB
  ArtistDirect MP3, Websearch Radio Web Player ARTD
  Audible Downloadable audio Audio books ADBL
  Avid Streaming Video Production AVID
  Blockbuster Video, DVD Superstore BBI
  BlueCoat Software Video Net Delivery BCSI
  Chequemate/ Software Payroll / Finabcial Services DDD
  Chyron Software Graphics, Flash CYRO
  CMGI Software B2B and B2C solutions CMGI
  L-3 Communications Hardware~Software Intelligence Technology LLL
  Convera Software Multi Media Cross Lingual CNVR
  Destiny Media Tech Software Streaming Multi Media DSNY
  Digital Lava Multimedia, Streaming, Publishing, News,  DGLV
  Open Text Multimedia,  Enterprise Content Management Solutions OTEX
  Enron Energy, Broadband Power, Oil, Gas, Roal, Steel ENE
  eSynch Software Streaming Multi Media ESYN
  Ezenia! Software Multimedia EZEN
  Fifth Ave Channel Multimedia and Wireless Video Production FAVE
  NEON Comm. Inc. Bandwidth Provider Multimedia, Content, Distrib. NGI
  JEAH Communications   ISP - Hosting  
  TALKPOINT Streaming Multi Media    
  ImaginOn Multimedia, Streaming, Broadcasting IMON
  iNTELEFILM Web Add Video Yahoo~France OTC
  Intertrust Digital Rights Management   ITRU
  Kanakaris ~ WiFi TV Net Movies on Demand Member, Pay Per View KKRS
  Keynote Systems Software,  Network Performance KEYN
  Madge Networks Software for networking redM: mobile communications MADGF
  Media100 Software Video Communication MDEA
  Microsoft Software, OS, Portals Multi Facetted MSFT B2C Audio portal   MPPP
  NaviSite Hosting Multimedia Web Casting NAVI Streaming Audio Portal B2C NETRC
  Network Appliance Sofware Storrage Management NTAP
  Novell Software OS NOVL
  On2.Technologies Software Video compression VP4 codec ONT
  Optibase Streaming Audio Portal B2B OBAS
  Pinnacle Systems Software, Web Casting Multimedia, Authoring, Production PCLE
  Polycom Hardware -Software Video Conferencing PLCM
  QSound Software 3D Audio, Pro and Consumer  QSND
  RADVision Software Secure Video Conferencing RVSN
  Raindance Multimedia Instruction   RNDC
  RealNetworks Software Multimedia Web Casting RNWK
  SAVVIS hosting, network, and applications IT Infrastructure Services Provider  
  Sonic Foundry Software Music Composing Editing SOFO
  SonicBlue Hardware Software MP3 Rio MP3 Players SBLU
  SRS Labs Software for Industry   SRSL
  USA Video Interactive Software for Streaming   USVO
  Viewcast Hardware Software Network Web Casting VCST
  OnStream Software for Video Web Cast B2B ONSM
  VTEL Video Conferencing B2B FORG
  WebEx Video Conferencing B2B WEBX
  Xcelera Investment Company Internet Infrastucture XLA
  Yahoo! Portal, Database B2C, Shops, LAUNCH(music) YHOO

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